The princess Zelda, disguised as Sheik, who protects her husband and comrades through the knowledge and foresight of Ioun.


Princess Zelda grew up in the temple of Ioun, raised by Impah, her caretaker. She was dedicated as a child to Ioun by a noble family, who instructed Impah to call her Sheik and raise her, for her father was envied by many and he feared for the girl’s safety. Impah never told her about her noble heritage, however, because she thought it would distract Sheik from her studies. It seemed to work, because Sheik poured herself into her studies, opening her mind to all that Ioun showed her. Even Impah was surprised at how quickly she learned and in how many different studies she appeared to be gifted.
One day, as she was in the middle of her prayer rituals, Ioun appeared to her in a vision. Ioun said “Zelda…Princess Zelda”.
“You my child. You are Zelda, born a princess to a noble family. Impah kept this knowledge from you out of fear, but you have grown well. Do not be angry toward her.”
“As you wish, my lady.”
“My faithful Zelda, you have proven your dedication and have devoted yourself to me deeper than all of the other initiates. You have seen that more important than knowledge you have gained is the wisdom to know how to use it. I lay it before you, then, to find the lost artifact known as the Triforce. Long has it been missing, and I have seen that it will be needed to avert the coming cataclysm. Therefore, I will share my power with you. When you speak, I will listen. When you call out to me, I will help you. Go then, my child, and do not be afraid. You will know what to do when the time comes.”
Shiek awoke on the floor of the temple, with Impah hovering over her. When she told Impah of her revelation, Impah smiled knowingly and invited her to a secret chamber in the temple, where she began to train Shiek in the ways of an Invoker of Ioun. She taught Sheik the words of creation that she knew, and was again amazed at how quickly she grew into her unity with Ioun and the power she granted.
When she had completed her training she left her small town with Impah’s blessing, hoping that in a larger town like Overlook, she would be able to find more answers as to what the Triforce was and where she could find it. Soon after arriving in town, she found a message nailed on the library door asking for adventurers to join the Seekers. She had heard of their deeds, and was inclined to join them. She could use the money, after all, and the boy in the poster did look cute…

Sheik is a little over 5 feet tall, with blond hair and a calm demeanor. She is very beautiful and feminine, but she dresses in the ninja-way that Sheik dresses and so most do not recognize her beauty. She retains the name Sheik, because she has been called it her whole life, she is not yet in a position to reclaim her place in the nobility, and also out of respect for her father’s wishes that she remain safe.


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