A young hero, the defender of nature, his wife, and his team.


In the Witchwood near Brindol, there was a small tribal community of fey creatures. The community had a deep connection with the primal spirits, and an overwhelming majority of the adventurers and defenders of the tribe were trained by the primal spirits themselves. In this tribe, there was a little boy who did not fit in with the rest of the fey creatures, because he never had such a connection to the primal spirits and never had any real friends except Saria, a girl who had begun her training in the ways of the druids.

It was through his friendship with Saria that Link was able to become a warden. Saria explained to him that he was an orphaned human, and not a fey creature, because being so young he had not realized how much he was different yet. Saria shared her knowledge of nature and the spirits with Link, and through her training, Link was able to grow in power. He was eventually approached by the spirit, Navi, who bound herself to Link and took it upon herself to train him to be a defender of the natural world and a protector to his kinsman. Once everyone saw that Navi was bound to Link, they opened up to him more and trained him in the use of armor and weapons. Once Navi thought Link was strong enough, she brought before him the spirits that she had persuaded to share their power with him. After seeing demonstrations of their power, Link and Navi communed together and chose the powers of the Ram of Thunder, the Messenger of Frost, and the minor spirits of Earth, Stone, and Vines. As Link grows in power, wisdom and experience, Navi continues to persuade greater and more powerful spirits to present themselves to him and share their power.

In order to fulfill his destiny as a guardian of the natural world, Navi and Link set out together to grow in experience and wisdom. Link seeks to grow in power, trusting in the guidance of Navi, in order that he may one day reach an apotheosis and become a great primal spirit himself, a fierce defender and guardian of the many. They set out from the forest, and arrived in Brindol, where their adventures were about to begin in a small tavern…

Link is 16 years old, 5’4”, and 155 lbs. He is courageous (but not foolhardy), wise, and trusting. He believes in himself and in the power that Navi and the other spirits have fostered in him. He is protective, noble, scrupulous, and can be commanding, as he sometimes sees himself as a knightly champion of the Earth Mother. Being raised by the fey creatures, he grew up learning Common and Elven. Link knows much about nature, as is reflected in his background.

While not adventuring, Link has put forth much effort to improve the reputation of the Storms of Fate, and has maintained a good relationship with the leadership and citizenry of Overlook, despite the occasional jailbreak or murder of captives.


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