Hiapo and Kanoa

Island Elf Shaman


On a remote, topical island, far off the southern coast of the mainland, there is a small nation of elves. No one know how long these elves lived on that island, but for countless generations the people there were forbidden from leaving sight of their island. Eventually the elves forgot the mainland, and the mainland forgot them.

About thirty years ago on that island, an elf woman from a fishing village was pregnant with twin sons. Unfortunately, only one of the boys survived to childbirth, and he was named Hiapo (first born). Hiapo’s parents knew early on that something was strange about him. As a baby he would sometimes look, smiling, at apparently nothing. As he grew, he began talking to no one in particular. But it wasn’t until he was ten years old, when the spirit of Hiapo’s dead twin brother physically manifested, did the village know how special he was.

Hiapo and his twin’s spirit, named Kanoa (the free one) grew up together, and the village taught Hiapo everything they knew about the way of the shaman. When Hiapo was nearing his twentieth birthday, he and Kanoa were out at sea when an ocean spirit caused a great wave to pick them up and dump them on the far-away mainland shore. Hiapo understood that he was being asked to do something important, although he didn’t know what.

So Hiapo sent a fish back home to deliver the news, and he and Kanoa began their long journey, guided by the primal spirits they encountered on the way but never told their destination.

Ten years and ten thousand miles later, Hiapo and Kanoa approached the city of Overlook, in search of an ancient forest spirit…

Finding an ancient tree sprit contained within a treant sapling in Overlook, Hiapo stands guard in the nearby forests, waiting for the opportunity to speak with it.

Hiapo and Kanoa

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