Akmenos "Red" Bandvathar

Tiefling Warlock Swordmaster


In the alleys of the far-off city of New Skyecroft there exists a merchant community. The community consists of tieflings, drow, and other races that find themselves more comfortable away from the suspicious eyes of the general public. As is often the case, this community lives up to their stereotype and ekes out a living by running a black market of (mostly) stolen goods.

It was into this community that Akmenos Bandvathar, heir to an ancient tiefling family, was born. While Akmenos is of noble descent, the ancient bloodlines have not been recognized since the time of Bael Turath. Thus, his life was little better than those around him.

In an effort to retain their family history, Akmenos’s parents taught him the traditional fighting style of their ancestors, which taps into their infernal blood in combination with cunning swordplay. They also told him the stories they were told as children about the great and powerful tiefling empire of Bael Turath and how their family might live if it had not fallen. This frustrated Akmenos as he grew older and began participating in the community and realizing the squalor in which he lived. He dreamed of living as a true tiefling noble and so he started thinking of how to make that happen.

After a disagreement with the way the community was run, Akmenos decided to leave. He was tired of lowering himself to a petty thief and he vowed to return to his rightful place as the heir of a powerful tiefling bloodline. His parents agreed that Akmenos was destined for greatness and gave him the last of the family heirlooms before he left.

For the past few months Akmenos has been traveling from town to town in search of a base of operations and he finally thinks he found one in Overlook. Because of recent events, Akmenos made plans to flee the city if the orcs managed to attack it. He also noticed how groups of adventurers risked their lives by agreeing to perilous missions and laughed at how foolish they were. But one party of adventurer’s returned, having defeated the orcs, and as they walked the streets like kings Akmenos decided that maybe being that kind of fool has its rewards…

Akmenos used the Storms of Fate for a few weeks for his own selfish gain and played an important role in destroying Sarshan’s base of operations in the Shadowfell. However, recent events have caused him to reevaluate his entire worldview, so Akmenos set off to rediscover true meaning in life.

Akmenos "Red" Bandvathar

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