Tak's Scales of War game


After sabotaging the group of attacking trolls and their catapults, the Storms of Fate made their way back into town to fight the berbalang. As they rode towards their base in the Nine Bells district, they noticed many of Overlook’s buildings on fire. This didn’t stop Ash and Sarafein from using the rooftops as a faster means of moving through the city’s streets.

After dealing with the berbalang, the party rode across the city to a breach in the walls where the trolls were coming through. Instead of handling the trolls, the group decided to fight a bunch of drow who were bent on capturing townsfolk for slaves. Sarafein’s Shadows handled another group of slavers and helped the rescued people to safety. It was then that the Storms of Fate noticed the skeletal dragon fly lower to the ground.

While heading to engage the skeletal dragon and Zithrun, Sheik made some epic pyrotechnics of each member of the Storms of Fate fighting and then leading the townspeople to New Daaszia. Dante and Sheik used their radiant powers to fight the dragon, Rathorex, while Ash and Sarafein took out Zithrun. As Zithrun fell dead to the ground, he said “I have failed again.”


Takinator agony42

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