Tak's Scales of War game


After helping to clear out a few stray monsters in town, the Storms of Fate were then summoned by Overlook’s council. Each member of the group was given 1000 gold and their pick of various magical relics, as well being granted the rank of “Guard Captain,” with access to the official regalia of the guard captains and mundane weapons and armor normally used for outfitting the town guard. The group was also offered the chance for one of their members to take the place of an elderly member of the council. The Storms of Fate have not yet reached a decision on who will be taking up this position.

While regrouping the next day, Sarafein was approached by one of her contacts who had information on several bounties. After reviewing the bounties as a group, the team decided to make their way to one of the port cities along the coast and hire a merchant ship to bring them to the lair of a blue dragon. While swimming the rest of the way to the cave, the group was attacked by fish-people.


Takinator agony42

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