Tak's Scales of War game


The Storms of Fate returned to Overlook through the portal connecting the Stone Anvil to the Mountainroute Temple and gave the Incanabulum Primeval back to High Priest Durkik.

After, while the group was selling things in town, they received an urgent message from the council. Meeting with the council revealed that a large army of approximately 400 trolls, githyanki, and other creatures were approaching the city. Determined to help save Overlook, the Storms of Fate immediately set to helping aid the city, each in their own way.

Link went to the forest a half-day’s ride from Overlook to gather animals to fight for the city. Sheik got the townspeople and guards together to show the weak points of the creatures they were to fight in the upcoming battle, and helped the dwarf priests analyze the Incanabulum Primeval. Ash recruited more fighting men and women from Shantytown and then set about training them. Dante also helped to train fighters, focusing on those who us two-handed weapons and divine magic. Dante also made a speech about the glory of Pelor, and composed a hymn for the Overlook army to sing to raise morale. Sarafein gathered members of the Lost Ones together to help set traps outside the town, along the way of the approaching army. Evelynn helped train people who use implements for their casting, and showed the town’s healers the most effective way to set up a battlefield triage. Evelynn also made a speech about the death and the Raven Queen, but is unsure if it helped or hindered morale.

The following day, the city heard war drums in the distance and rushed to the walls to see a front line of trolls with clubs, various types of siege machinery such as battering rams, catapults, and siege towers. The enemy army appeared to be led by a skeletal dragon and a berbalang.

Rather than let the enemy army reach the walls of Overlook, the Storms of Fate rode out the gates with a potion of their army to meet the trolls and siege machinery head on. Coming around one of the side walls of the city, they came face to face with a group of trolls and catapults. Working efficiently together, the group killed the trolls and destroyed one of the catapults. The second catapult they spared in an attempt to turn it back on the rest of the approaching enemy horde.


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