Tak's Scales of War game


Wary about facing whatever lay behind the humming door, the Storms of Fate decided to rest in the living quarters close by. While resting, Dante had a dream about Overlook being overrun by various creatures, trolls and some sort of skeletal dragon among them. Dante informed the rest of the group of his dream upon waking and was concerned because his other dreams have come true.

After heading through the door with the humming, the group discovered drow, trolls, and githyanki in the room. There was also some sort of statue guardian, which activated to help the monsters. When the Storms of Fate moved to engage the trolls, one of the githyanki (Zithrun) ran away and went down a secret trapdoor in a statue of Moradin. Sheik was able to deactivate the stone guardian using her religious knowledge, and Dante rescued an azer that was tied up in an adjoining room.

The azer aided the Storms of Fate in battle and after revealed to the group that he was the Caretaker. He opened a hidden compartment and handed over the Incanabulum Primeval, mentioning that the book itself has many different powers, only some of which the priests at the Stone Anvil know of. After Dante informed the Caretaker of his dream of Overlook being overrun, the Caretaker mentioned possibly sending reinforcements to Overlook through the portals in the Mountainroute Temple, which are linked to the Stone Anvil.

Searching after the battle yielded a Drow House Insignia from House Vae, 900 gold, various ancient texts that Sheik took for her library, and a vial of House Vae poison. Moving to the vault, it took Sarafein three tries to open it, much to the dismay of her party members. Inside the group found 3900 gold and an Exodus Knife.

On the way out of the Mountainroute Temple, the group came upon a night hag who turned out to be the Twilight Lady, and some of her entourage of quicklings. They agreed to cut their losses and leave without fighting for the Incanabulum Primeval. However, one of the quicklings decided to leave the Twilight Lady and instead joined the Storms of Fate to become part of Ash’s army.


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