Tak's Scales of War game


Trollin' for the Incanabulum Primeval

After a bit more exploring, the Storms of Fate came upon a large room with many quicklings, feydwarves, and weird insect guys. They appeared hostile, so our group started to engage them in combat. After a few seconds of battle, a large door at the back of the room burst open, and trolls and a fire-belcher entered the fray. The Storms of Fate banded with the quicklings/feydwarves/weird insect guys under the direction of Ash and were able to defeat the trolls without too much difficulty.

After the battle, the Storms of Fate questioned the quicklings and insect dudes. We found out that they are working for the Twilight Lady, who in turn works for Cachlain, a formorian. They were sent to retrieve the Incanabulum Primeval. They seemed more interested in escaping with their lives than continuing to fight us, so we let them go.

Currently, the Storms of Fate know that Sarshan, Zithrun, AND the trolls that we defeated all want the Incanabulum Primeval.

Sarafein and Dante were determined to find something worthwhile after the battle and found trinkets, figurines, etc. that Sarafein estimated to be worth about 2050 gold.

After inspecting his axe, Dante discovered that it had transformed at some point during the fight into an axe of Pelor. Sheik was able to tell the group that an ancient warrior who fought for Pelor and led armies against orcs and giants thousands of years ago had a legendary (artifact) halberd similar to how Dante’s axe now appears. The halberd was named the Shard of the Sun, and the weapon disappeared after the ancient battle and was never seen again.

After pondering this, the Storms of Fate continued onwards, through the door that the trolls had come through. A door off to the right contained what appeared to once be living quarters. Careful searching of the quarters yielded small objects worth about 50 gold. Listening at another door to the front, some sort of ethereal humming, similar to the ambient noise in the Astral Sea, could be heard along with several large creatures moving around.


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