Tak's Scales of War game


Never try to teleport your allies.

After following fake-Durkik to the warehouse, the group was jumped by dwarf and human workers and battle ensued. After, Sarafein Zerenith noticed a secret trapdoor under the bed in a small room by the entrance. The trapdoor led to a spiral staircase going down, where the group found the REAL Durkik locked in a highly sophisticated trapped cage. Sheik teleported Sarafein Zerenith into the cage, and Sarafein Zerenith managed to disarm the intricate traps while Dante Sunsworn kept Durkik healed. After Sarafein Zerenith unlocked the shackles and the door, the group was able to drag Durkik out of the cage.

The fake Durkik turned out to be a changeling who works for Zithrun. He met with Zithrun at the Pig in Bucket, and was in charge of the Stone Anvil. When the group decided to interrogate him more about Zithrun, he killed himself and released some sort of cloud of noxious green gas.

The REAL Durkik told the group about the Mountainroute Temple, which the changeling had interrogated him about. The temple was built to honor Moradin after the war with the giants. There is a portal leading to it from the Sepulcher in the Stone Anvil. The temple itself houses the Incunabulum Primeval, which is what the changelings are trying to obtain. Durkik told the group that “the defenses of the temple are tied to the caretaker’s mind.”

QUEST: 3600 gold to bring the Incunabulum Primeval back to Durkik.

Upon reaching the portal in the Sepulcher, the group had to tell stories about the glories of Moradin and the dwarves to face/door in order to be judged worthy to enter. Everyone managed to come up with a good story with the exception of Sarafein Zerenith, who struggled to find something that would appease the door. Immediately after walking through the portal, the group was attacked by some sort of fey-dwarves and harpies.

After dispatching the enemies, the group unsuccessfully attempted to travel through the runic archways along the sides of the room, but were unable to activate them. The group then headed through a door and down a long hallway, where they confronted quicklings and another harpy. The quicklings said they fought for Cachlain, the “stone-skinned king.”


Takinator agony42

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